Knowledge Quarter
Within the heart
of the
Quarter and
sciences Golden

An area with the
densest concentration
of knowledge based

King's Cross is known to be the area
with the
densest concentration of scientific
and knowledge
based organisations anywhere
in the world. It is
also the UK’s largest
innovation district.

Knowledge Quarter Stats

Knowledge Quarter Statistics

An abundance of tech,
& life sciences
occupy the area

  • 1The Guardian
  • 2Art Fund
  • 3Nike HQ
  • 4Universal Music
  • 5Vevo
  • 6Benevolent AI
  • 7Global Generation
  • 8in2 Science UK
  • 9The Alan Turing Institute
  • 10The Francis Crick Institute
  • 11Facebook
  • 12Google HQ
  • 13Samsung KX LDN
  • 14YouTube
  • 15Deepmind